It’s hard to escape news on the Coronavirus and get sucked in by the latest updates. The fear and anxiety levels are high. People are getting sick. We have gone into self-quarantine, canceled events, canceled travel, work from home, look suspiciously at anyone who sneezes or coughs. When I sneeze, I look up coronavirus symptoms on Google. Is it like Ebola, Zika virus, Parainfluenza, h1n1 virus? It is a viral infection and an airborne disease that we need to take serious precautions but many people have gone overboard. Well, the coronavirus has hit home for us. My daughter had it and now my husband has it. They were put into self-quarantine where they are in their own separate room. Self-isolation is one of the ways to contain the disease. We have had to make many adjustments in our routines but so far, I have managed to stay healthy. Today I share some of things we have done to contain the disease so that I have managed to stay healthy (i may be asymptomatic who knows), treat my family members who are sick and create routine so that perhaps if you find you are going through a similar experience you can find ways to treat at home and get through this.


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