At the end of February we received our first message that the corona virus that has taken the whole world has reached Estonia. Yesterday we received confirmation of the first officially healed, who has behind the virus in Estonia. There will definitely be more and more inspiring messages like this in the near future.

However, it will take weeks and months to get back to the rhythm of our normal life. In the meantime, we need to deal with reducing the spread of the virus on a social level, as each of us needs to try separately. We all need to follow the instructions of healthcare professionals, follow the rules of hygiene and avoid close contact with other people. It is also reasonable to avoid touching surfaces and objects that may be affected by the virus and to use other payment options instead of cash.

The government will also take the necessary steps to limit the spread of the virus, to prevent the spread of the virus in Estonia and protect our health. Last night, like many other countries of the European Union, we decided to close our national border in order to prevent the cross-border spread of the virus. Of course, all residents here and their relatives can still return to Estonia. We also guarantee the necessary transport of goods and raw materials, if the transport has no symptoms of disease.

Please keep all people in the risk groups of the risk groups, who are sure to be older and people with long-term disease. In Case of symptoms of cold diseases, direct contact with your elderly relatives and friends should be avoid. Health workers, police and border guards, customer service in stores and elsewhere, and anyone else whose job requires a strong contact with people. We also think that we wouldn’t put them in danger of getting caught with our behavior.

And finally. Let’s take care of each other and help each other. We notice the difficult situations of others and give them our support if necessary and if possible. Of course, by taking all the necessary steps to avoid the spread of the virus. Together we will definitely get over these difficult times and we will be even stronger as a society.

Hold and be held!


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