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What Is UX Design? – A Full Overview


What actually IS UX Design? How can you take an experience that already exists, and improve it for the user? In this video, one of our senior product / UX designers, Dee, defines the term ‘UX’, and describes the 3 essential areas that makes for GREAT User Experiences.

Dee offers practical examples of GOOD and BAD UX Design, and what the implications of each can be, along with insights of what you can expect to do in a UX Design role, based on her 10+ years of experience in the UX industry!

How do you define UX / User Experience Design in 2019?! What insights can you offer on getting started in the industry? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Key points in the video:

– What Is UX Design (00:46)
– Factors Involved in UX Design + Example (02:00)
– The Core of UX Design (It’s ALL About The User (04:07)
– Examples of Bad UX Design (04:51)
– What Does The UX Process Look Like (05:58)
– The Four BASIC Key Steps (07:41)
– What Would I Actually Be Doing As A UX Designer (07:56)
– Bloopers / Outtakes (11:27)

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What Is UX Design? – An Essential Breakdown (2019)



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